The Home Buying Process

The Overview

   Step 1: Find an Agent

   Step 2: Obtain Financial Preapproval

   Step 3: Analyze Needs with Your Agent

   Step 4: Browse and Select Properties

   Step 5: View Properties

   Step 6: Make an Offer

   Step 7: Negotiate the Offer Through Your Agent

   Step 8: Accept and Sign Your Agreement

Overview of Contract to Close

  Contract to Close: Physical Inspection

  Contract to Close: Resolve Inspection Issues

Overview of the Contract to Close Process
   Physical Inspection

   Resolve Inspection Issues

   Obtaining Mortgage Financing: Credit Check

   Obtaining Mortgage Financing: Underwriting

   Obtaining Mortgage Financing: Bank Appraisal of the Property

   Obtaining Mortgage Financing: Lender Survey of the Property

   Obtaining Mortgage Financing: Insurance

   Title Search, Removing Encumbrances, and Title Insurance


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