A few words about myself, my background, and my approach:

Me: I live in East Lakeview near Addison and the lakeshore. I love being close to the lake for quick access to trails and beaches as well as getting north and south to various parts of the city. I'm originally from Minnesota and have been in Chicagoland a little more than 5 years- I also spent time in Highland Park and Evanston before moving to Lakeview. I love the immense variety and richness of Chicago's different neighborhoods and feel like I'm always discovering new spots I want to try whether it's to hang out or further my dabbling in photography (I have a website at Christopherspictures.com if you're curious). I enjoy playing basketball, running, and always intend to read more than I actually do.

My Background: An undergrad in mechanical engineering, work experience at tech companies, pastoral internships and a master's degree in divinity naturally lead to... being a real estate agent? I will admit my journey has not exactly been planned this way. I originally considered getting into real estate during my last semester of seminary since it struck me as profession that could be scaled up or down depending on what level of professional ministry responsibilities I would take on, and I worked at a church half-time when I first obtained my license. Most of my real estate work has been helping buyers look for homes, but I have also taken on some listings and helped tenant clients as well. Much of my work has been in Uptown and Lakeview, but I've also helped clients in Wicker Park, Hyde Park, and Bridgeport.

My Approach: Real estate is a service profession, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that your real estate agent should be able to help. I am continually building on my experience so far and striving to learn and grow as a real estate professional so that I can effectively provide my clients with straightforward, no-nonsense assistance with their housing needs and investment goals. Where a person lives plays a huge role in enabling relationships and cultivating community, pursuing personal and professional goals, and freeing up the time and energy to do so. I'm happy to educate my clients depending on their level of experience in real estate transactions so that we can partner together to find the home that enables them to move forward with the life they're striving to live. When we do this right and set clear expectations, things work out well for us both.


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