4 Years Later, Still Riding at Redfin

 This past month marks 4 YEARS at Redfin – that’s a whole presidential term, and it both feels like it’s been a long time and has flown by at the same time. A lot has happened! You wouldn’t know that looking at this blog since I pretty much completely fell off keeping it up after I transitioned (something about learning to handle a bunch of clients looking for a home at once took a bit of my attention).

Looking back, that decision to take this role 4 years ago was a great move and a God-send of an opportunity. From day one, I was running around with clients who were serious about finding a home and appreciative of my ability to help that way. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve had my share of challenging clients and a lot of runaround as has any agent doing this work for a while, but on the whole it’s been a privilege to work with so many great clients and helping them either find a new home or sell their place to enable a life-changing move.

In the past 4 years, I’ve helped people buy or sell close to 250 homes totaling a volume near $100 million. I can’t say I expected to be saying that 4 years later when I started, and the pace of learning about property evaluation, assessing home condition risks, and what people appreciate in a home was fast. To have helped condo buyers, people buying impressive homes pushing $2million, investors sorting out approach for multi-unit buildings, and everything in between to rent out is a diversity of work that has been a special opportunity. To shamelessly make one more brag, my numbers have actually put me near the top of the Redfin agents in Chicago and even had me as the #5 highest close rate nationwide among Redfin agents in 2021. I have to say that one caught me off guard!

All that to say, IT HAS BEEN A RIDE. With the pandemic and two subsequent years of the housing market unpredictably surging, I’m finding myself after starting feel recovered after a slower fall market and both excited to continue on but ready to tweak the approach a bit. While I pride myself in hustling hard for my clients who are underway in a search or a sale, I also want to more proactively make myself available for past clients as a resource for advice on changes to their home, market conditions, and for no other reason than to hear how things are going for them. I’m also hoping to get into a better rhythm of blogging here (or perhaps another website if I find time to get something together). It’d also be fun to connect clients with others I know in their neighborhood and build a bigger book of contractors that clients have had good results with. I’m still thinking through the nuts and bolts of what that looks like, so more to come soon!

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