Introducing... my new real estate blog!

I've decided to start a blog! The goal- I aim for this platform to be a helpful resource, especially for those looking to buy a home in Chicago for the first time. For a while I have been intending to provide a series of posts that walk people through the various steps of the home-buying process. Additionally, it'd be fun to share resources about what I'll calling "buying outside the box"- think auctions, foreclosures and short sales, etc. For the aspiring investors who are looking for a place that puts money back out into their pocket, I plan to provide at least a rough orientation for real estate investing as well. There's also a number of topics like home inspections and closing costs that are new to many buyers as well.

If I was better at life I would have started crafting and planning these during the past couple months in the slow season and not as the spring market hits... but here we are. Stay tuned!


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